Class up your Cab

MEI offers both Passenger and Freight Cabs along with Entrance packages.

If you are looking for an upscale cab design, MEI offers many options for custom cab interiors. Options vary from cost effective laminate that upgrade the look and feel of the cab to pre-fabricated cab interiors that are installed into the cab shell at the end of the construction project helping eliminate damages that can occur during the construction phase.

Many materials can be used together for a great look…glass, wood, bronze, etc. There are many interior feature options from cab walls, ceilings, handrails and more. We will work with you to review all of your options and here are a few to get you started.

Passenger Cabs

MEI takes pride in providing passenger cabs with craftsmanship build into every elevator. Our manufacturing process includes a thorough inspection of all cab materials.

Freight Cabs

MEI proudly provides a freight cab built with a tough job in mind. 14 gauge powder coated walls are a standard. MEI can also customize your cab to ensure a great look for years to come.


MEI offers robust stand alone Entrance packages that can be customized to fit your project. We offer grouted or our newest groutless sill designs that work for a wide range of loading classes. We offer different door options for side or center opening or single or 2 speed configurations. Work with MEI to find the right fit and function for your project!