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 25088   Wagner Pump

Keep the Pit Clean & SAFE

Oil Scavenger Pump:

  • Provide a MEI Wagner positive displacement,
    rotary type oil return pump.

    1. The pump shall have a 1/3 HP motor capable of
      pumping 100 ft vertically
    2. The pump shall be equipped with a 100 mesh
      screen strainer
    3. The pump housing shall be constructed of brass
      with stainless steel internal parts and shall have a
      3.5 gallon reservoir
Motor1/3 HP, 115V, AC Single Phase w/ 8 foot, 3 Wire Power Cord
PumpBrass Rotary Vane w/ 100 Micron Filter and Check Valve Rated -15 GPM @ 1725 RPM
ReservoirFiberglass 3.5 Gallon w/ Clear Polycarbonate Cover
Unit Dimensions14” W, 20” L, 16” H