Car speeds, Submersible Vs. Dry Power Units, travel and various other circumstances may require larger or smaller machine room sizes. Please consult your MEI representative for specific situation.

  • A fused disconnect switch must be provided by others in the machine room, located adjacent to and visible from the elevator machinery.
  • Machine room height to be 7′-0″ minimum.
  • Others to provide light and switch in the machine room.
  • Means must be provided to maintain machine room temperature between 55 F and 90 F. with a maximum relative humidity of 85%. Proper ventilation is essential.
  • When using an air exchange oil cooler in the machine room, it is essential that the air temperature be held below 90 F.
  • Only elevator related equipment allowed in machine room.
Freight Car or High Capacity Passenger
Minimum Requested Machine Room Sizes
5,000 – 7,999 cap.6′-0″ x 10′-0″
8,000 – 14,999 cap.8′-0″ x 10′-0″
15,000 – 25,000 cap10′-0″ x 12′-0″