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The most robust custom elevators on the market combined with a clear, uncomplicated process so you can keep your project moving

Elevator Maintenance & Installation

Minimize downtime with superior elevator maintenance, repair, modernization, and installation

Elevator Parts

Knowledgeable support and quick turn-around shipping


Elevator Parts & Components

Power Units
Madison Elevator Service & Repair
Fargo Moorhead Elevator Repair Service

Keeping Your Business Moving

Elevator Service

Minimize downtime

with superior elevator repair, maintenance, modernization, and custom installation

Preventative Maintenance
Mechanics inspect equipment in-person on a regularly scheduled basis.

Responsive Local Support
24/7 dedicated response. Equipped to handle any situation, anytime.

Equipment Life Cycle Planning
Budget planning and proactive scheduling to eliminate surprises and reduce unplanned downtime.

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Total Elevator Solutions

Elevators are complex systems that require specific expertise.

That’s why, at MEI, we make elevators easy for you. We manufacture the most robust custom elevators and parts on the market and service thousands of elevators each year. Our expert engineering and service teams guide you through all your elevator needs.

So you can focus on what’s really important – your business.

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A Note From Our Founder

MEI has been involved for many years giving and investing in various charitable organizations, at home and abroad. We believe and continue to see that MEI has a purpose that goes far beyond elevators, and that is simply: to do good by helping others. We are not here just for ourselves. I have said many times “When God blesses us, he often has others in mind.” When we help others, that can enable them, in turn, to help others and a cycle can begin and hopefully continue.


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