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Extend the Life of you Hydraulic Elevator System!

The MEI Silencer is an in-line device that reduces the noise and vibration of any hydraulic power unit. (Similar to the muffler on an automobile)

Reduced Pulsations = Reduced Noise, Leakage and Component Wear

Pump pulsations cause vibrations. Transmitted by the piping throughout the system, vibrations cause noise, leakage and early component failure. When the Silencer stops the pulsations, it stops the source of the vibrations. This improves system performance and reduces service calls, pleasing your client and improving your reputation.


  • 40-60% reduction in system noise and vibration
  • Extended component life
  • Fewer leaks
  • Lower long-term system maintenance costs
  • Smoother system operation

How It Works

Hydraulic pulsations (noise) enter the silencer and go through three different noise baffles or diffusers. After passing through these baffles, the pulsations then strike a rubber tube or bladder, charged with air to 35% to 50% of the hydraulic operating pressure. Hit by a pulsation, the bladder deflects slightly, reducing the size of the pulsation and therefore, the noise.

Recommended Applications

Dry or submersible hydraulic power units for all hydraulic elevator car types.

Part No. Description A B C
19316    Silencer 2″ GRV x 2″ GRV (100 max. GPM) 13 1/4 1/4” TYP 7/8
19317     Silencer 2″ GRV x 2″ GRV (220 max. GPM) 131/4 1/4” TYP 5/8
19318     Silencer 2 1/2” GRV x 2 1/2” GRV (325 max. GPM) 13 1/4 1/4” TYP 5/
19319     Silencer 3″ GRV x 2 1/2” GRV (360 max. GPM) 13 1/4 1/4” TYP 5/
19315     Valve Stem Retrofit Kit