Standard Manufacturing Lead Time
SS-29, SS-88, SS88 Tall = 7-10 Days
All Other Power Unit Sizes = 3-6 Weeks
Expedited Manufacturing Available


  • Cost Effective
  • Attractive Compact Design
  • All Components are Located in the Tank
  • Shortest Lead Times

Standard Equipment

  • Pump: IMO, Settima or Seim
  • Motor: Imperial or US
  • Valve: Maxton
  • 80 Starts Per Hour Motor
  • Compact Silencer with Pneumatic Noise Suppression
  • Oil Level Dip Stick
  • Isolation Between the Pump/Motor Assembly and the Tank
  • Oil Temperature Sensor (ASME 2010 Code Only)

Optional Features

  • Loadweigh Sensor
  • Tank Heater
  • Thermostat
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge with Thermometer (on tank)
  • Pressure Gauge (mounted on valve)
  • Low Oil Level Switch (in tank)
  • Low Pressure Switch (required if jack head is above power unit)
  • Hot Oil Sensor
  • Oil Cooler
  • Vent/Fill Strainer
  • Down Speed Regulated Valve
  • 120 Starts Per Hour Available (up to 40 HP)
  • Junction box
  • Installation kit
  • Overflow Connection
  • B-Port
  • Top Mount Valve
  • Extended 3 Year Warranty Available


Power Unit Sizes

♦Custom Power Unit Sizes Available Upon Request

SS-3833 ½”18 ⅜”44 ⅞”Single
SS-2941″20 ¾”38″Single
SS-8851″24 ¾”47″Single
ST-10951″34″50 ⅜”Single or Tandem
ST-20063″34″55 ⅝”Single or Tandem

Optional Features

Installation Kit

Top Mount Valve

Tandem Power Unit