As our company continues to be blessed with growth and prosperity we feel fortunate to be able to share our blessings with others.  MEI proudly supports the work of many non-profit organizations in our communities and around the world who are using their passion and resources to positively impact the people and communities within their reach.

A Note From Our Founder:

MEI has been involved for many years giving and investing in various charitable organizations, at home and abroad. We believe and continue to see that MEI has a purpose that goes far beyond elevators, and that is simply: to do good by helping others. We are not here just for ourselves. I have said many times “When God blesses us, he often has others in mind.” When we help others, that can enable them, in turn, to help others and a cycle can begin and hopefully continue.

We have encouraged our employees to do random acts of kindness throughout their days looking for simple ways to be a blessing to others. But this wasn’t enough. We wanted to spread compassion and generosity deeper into the roots and culture of MEI. What we are building brings together two significant areas: an MEI Mission statement that has long defined our culture: Working Together To Be The Best with our core values: trust, compassion, listening, generosity and talent selection.

In April of 2019, we launched an official Outreach and Engagement program which gives our employees opportunities to be more engaged within our communities and the organizations we support.

Our vision: To build compassion and generosity into the core of MEI, creating a culture of purpose where we regularly seek to meet the needs of others by: LEARNING, GIVING AND DOING.

LEARN – educate ourselves and others on areas of needs

GIVE – our time, talents and resources

DO – get engaged and help create positive, sustainable change

learn. give. do.

We are working on aligning our lives with our values to create habits that will consistently bring us back to our purpose: To do good by helping others. We know there are others that are doing what we are doing similar things and much more. Our hope is what we are doing will encourage others to be engaged in helping make their own difference in our very needy world.

Be blessed and a blessing to others,

John Romnes

Partner Organizations In Action


MEI’s vision of building compassion and generosity into the core of our business starts with us having INSIGHT – an accurate and deep understanding – of the needs of our communities. To help develop this foundational step, we launched our INSIGHT TEAMS to give MEI employees the opportunity to learn about and fully experience the impact MEI’s support is having with our partner organizations. These volunteer opportunities have inspired many employees to step up, dive in, learn and work alongside our organizations to help those in need.

More employees making a difference!